Why You Should Really Consider Improving Your Golf Game

What is the reason to improve your golf games? Where is the most likely place the top names in business meet? Yes the golf course. Golf is a very good sociable game for meeting people and a lot of business is conducted on the course. Golf is also a great way to get together with business colleagues, family and friends. If you don’t want to miss out then improve your golf games.

It has been said that golf is 10% physical and 90% mental. The main attribute to the game of golf is the swing. The secret of golf is to relax and don’t overcomplicate the swing. Just take a nice easy swing and let the club do the rest. If you see the ball flying down the fairway and you feel like you never hit the ball then that is a golf shot! That is improving your golf games.

Forget about having the latest clubs or gadgets, if you don’t have the right swing then you are in for a rough round. If you concentrate on improving your swing, you will see an improvement in your overall score. The golf swing is the main component and this ultimately reflects in your score, not the fancy golf clubs or gadgets. So staying focused and working on your swing will improve your golf games.A large number of golfers were recently surveyed to reveal the main problems they have with their golf games. Can you guess what they were?

  • Lack of distance
  • Hooking
  • Slicing
  • Inconsistency with their swing.

These are common problems for most golfers and I bet that you are no different. If you feel that you have these issues with your game then you require golf swing instruction. It’s better to start with instruction as this will allow you to gain a solid foundation upon which to build.

With the golf swing you require consistency, this can be achieved by keeping the club on the correct swing plane. Look at the top pro golfers around the world how do they achieve great scores round after round. Yes practice, but with practice comes consistency. Also, golfers today are extremely fit athletes which allows them to be flexible in the turn so they maintain the swing plane and generate a lot of club head speed which propels the ball great distances down the fairway.

So for great golf it is required that you be physically fit. Once a good level of fitness is achieved you will be able to swing the club more consistently on the correct swing plane. If you are going to seek golf instruction help, ask if they also provide tuition on stretches and golf specific exercises.

Improve Your Game with Golf Exercises

A lot of people are under the impression that golf is not a strenuous sport. This is probably due to the fact that they have never played the game of golf. To be able to play golf well and stay free from injury, a golfer must be flexible and keep in shape. Before playing a round of golf it is imperative that the golfer goes through an exercise routine. This will warm and stretch the muscles resulting in less strains or possible muscle injury.

All golfers are trying to achieve longer drives. However, they are trying to achieve this with the use of the latest gadget or new clubs without giving any consideration to their bodies.

They fail to understand that good physical condition of the body is a major contributing factor to their golfing ability. The game of golf is a sport like any other and the body has to be prepared for such a task. It has been proven that golf exercises are a great way to improve speed of the swing and power.

To play golf to a good standard, it is imperative that you look after your body and try and be in some sort of good overall physical shape. 

As stated above, golf is a physical sport and should be treated that way. If you look after your body and exercise, you will not only see a difference in your game of golf but will encounter far less injuries. 

Complete Golf exercises regularly and you will notice a vast improvement in your Swing speed and also the power of the swing.

Please Note: When embarking on any exercise program a consultation with your physician should be sought. Any exercise routine should be either designed or checked out by a qualified fitness/exercise instructor.

Now is a great time to learn the game of golf. I say this as a person who started playing golf in the 1980s. When I started the game, the golf equipment was nowhere near as advanced as it is today. Our drivers back then were tiny little 200cc head driver made out of wood and steel that were hard to hit straight. Golf balls were made out of a type of rubber called ballata that traveled 30% shorter than the modern balls we use today, and it also created more spin.  Even golf instruction was a pseudo-science of sorts compared to the 3D imaging tools and biomechanical based training tools we have now. Golf is simply easier to learn now. Here we will try find the best golf training aids that will improve your game of golf.

There are training aids that teach a golfer how to make a fundamentally correct impact position, aids that teach a golfer how to swing on the correct swing plane, and aids that teach a golfer how to swing down the correct path. A 4th type of training aid would focus on the grip, but for the scope of this article we will focus purely on swing dynamics.

Below are the Golf Training Aids that you should be looking for to help improve your game.

Impact Is an Important Factor in the Game of Golf

Have you ever wondered why so many great golfers have swings that look so different? How can swings that look so different produce similar results? The truth is that the only thing that matters in golf is IMPACT! Your impact position will determine if you hit the ball fat, thin, and how much power will be delivered to the ball. There have been all kinds of funky swings on the PGA tour that have produced amazing results. If you can try to master impact you will see improvement in your game. Golf training aids that teach a proper impact will do a great deal for your game of golf.

Swing Plane Training Aids

So, we’ve learned that impact is a major fundamental in golf. Let’s add that having a fundamentally sound swing plus a great impact position makes golf even easier! Let’s focus on training aids and fundamentals that make the game easier. Swing plane is the angle that the golf club travels throughout the swing. Learning how to stay on the same swing path throughout the swing will increase accuracy and shot dispersion. Look for an aid that will insure that you maintain this alignment.

Golf Swing Path Training Aids

Swing path can be a difficult subject to explain, so we will provide a real world example. When I first learned how to play golf, I was taught that to draw the ball. To achieve this one must rotate the club face so that the toe would face up after the club hit the ball. They would also instruct students to turn their hands like a steering wheel through impact or to “catch rain” with your left palm. The instructors at the time believed that manipulating the club face through impact was the way to shape shots.

However, today 3D Imaging tools training aids like Trackman are able to measure what the club face and shaft are doing through impact. This has taught us that manipulating the path of your swing is how you shape shots. In simplest terms, fades are created by a path that is towards the left, and draws are create by a swing path that is out to the right. A training aid that teaches path will insure that you have the blueprint for great golf.

Over the years golf training aids have come in many extremes — From cheesy infomercial gadgets to training aids that actually work. Here we have covered the 3 types of training aids that mirror the true fundamentals of golf. We arrived at out conclusions based on what science tells use about the golf swing. Use this as a guide for finding the best golf training aids and it can even be used for structuring your own golf practice around perfecting your impact position, your swing plane, and your swing path.

Golf Schools

If you are looking to get golf tuition as well as a vacation, then golf schools are the perfect place to go. The best time to attend a golf school is in the winter where you can improve your whole golf game in a sunny warm climate. Then come spring you are ready to try out all the techniques learned at the golf school.

One of the man reasons for going to a golf school is the instruction you will receive will
be at a higher level than that of your local pro. Why is this? One of the reasons is that the local pro has other issues to contend with in their daily job at the course, whereas, the pro at the golf school is soley focused on tution of the golfing students. This is where the difference lies. This does not mean that you will not get good tuition from your local pro, they just have so many other issues to contend with, as they are runing a whole business.

The instructors at golf schools are totally dedicated to improving your game. They provide tuition for all levels of golfer. They will determine a tuition plan based on your current overall game and also parts of the game that you would like to concentrate on. This type of tuition can only be benificial to your game.

When choosing a golf school there are many factors to consider. Firstly, you will have to workout a budget and a desired location. Then look at the golf school themselves and the facilities they offer. What is the student to teacher ratio, do they offer video facility so that you can watch your swing and make changes. Also check the accommodation facilities where you will be staying, if this is not comfortable or to your taste then it is not conducive to your learning curve.

After you return from the golf school you must practice the techniques that your learnt. If you  don’t do this and leave it too long then this valuable information will have been wasted. At the end of the day you want to improve your game and the techniques from the golf school will allow you to do this. If the golf course is not open when you return, simply go to the driving range and practice what you have learned.