Which Golf Clubs should I Buy as a Beginner?

If you’re new to golf you might be wondering what exactly are all the different golf clubs and equipment you might need to start playing the game and maybe you’re keen on pursuing this sport more seriously.

This post will give you a good understanding of what essential golf equipment you will need. There are plenty of other gadgets and accessories that you can eventually add to your collection of golfing equipment but the below are the only real essentials you will need to get started.

The Callway ERC Fusion Driver 
Which club is considered by many to be the most important club in a set?

The Driver – and rightly so! As you already know the driver is essentially the heaviest club in a set and the one with the least amount of loft, making it the golf club of choice for distance hitting.

The right driver can mean the difference between a 250 yard drive and a 150 yard drive. Good drivers can help even average golfers improve their driving range considerably.

Golf has come a long way from the days when two shepherds were hitting rocks around with a bit of stick. Now the sophisticated golf club designs are all crafted for maximum performance and knowing which one to choose is the key to improving your game.

The Cleveland Launcher Ti Fairway woods offer power and control.
With the extraordinary range of fairway woods currently available even the most avid golf fan can have a hard time choosing the right set.

That is why our trusted staff of golf aficionados have happily tested a wide range of fairway woods in order to help ease the sometimes intimidating selection process.

From the Ovation, Big Bertha and King Cobra series to the V-Foil, T40 and Pro Trajectory models, we cover all the big names you trust along with all the new comers who are vying for a spot on the green.

The right fairway wood can help you take your game to the next level.

Titleist offers the 690MB for serious players that like the look and feel of a forged blade.
Irons are what every golf lover counts on for getting them onto the green and into the perfect putting position.

So, it comes as no surprise that a solid set of trustworthy irons is a reassuring thing for any golfer to have in their bag.

The new iron designs have come a long way by making it easier for golfers to hit a straight ball. In our iron reviews we cover the essentials of choosing the right set of golf irons for you.

Available in chrome and unchromed finishes, the Nike forged wedges offer control for serious golfers.
In the old days players generally carried one reliable pitching wedge in their golf bags – but those were the old days when science and sport had not yet collided!

Today with wedges offering different clubhead shapes and better lofts, it is not uncommon for golfers to carry up to four wedges with them!

Today wedges have been designed to assist golfers in every conceivable situation on the green. After reading what our analysts have to say about wedges, you might discover that you may be able to lower your score simply by using the proper wedge in the proper situation.

Although all wedges have high lofts and heavy soles and many are heavier than any other golf club overall, that is where the similarities between different wedges end.

Now, every wedge is conceived with a particular distance or lie in mind and its characteristics are best suited to those conditions.

The Studio Stainless Series from Scotty Cameron and Titleist is a favorite amongst touring professionals.
Most golf enthusiasts know that their putter is the one golf club in their bags that is a clear extension of who they are.


Because a putter must match a player’s putting technique. If a putter does not have the right “feel” then a player’s game can be thrown completely off.

The right “feel” encompasses everything from the way a putter feels in your hands to the sensation you get as you draw the club back to the way it responds when you hit a ball.

There are several elements that contribute to the right feel including the head materials, the head design and the different grips that are available.

The Precept Laddie features a softer muscle-fiber core and provides the highest level of performance in a two-piece ball.
It’s not just golf clubs that have come a long way since the honourable game of golf began. Golf ball design and construction has been dramatically improved in recent years to better suit the individual needs of each player.

Golf balls today can travel farther, fly straighter, roll longer and will not lose their round surface – no matter how hard the hit. Incredibly precise dimples are what determine everything from a ball’s trajectory to its spin rate.

What all these advancements mean is that players who are looking to add an edge to their games can choose from a wide array of golf balls for the one that will best suit their game.

Depending on your expertise level and age, choosing the right golf balls will be essential to your game.

Taylor Made produces a staff bag of legendary quality. It features a six-way top divider and large pockets for all of your needs.
What would a golfer be without their bag? Every respectable golfer needs the perfect bag in which to tote their precious clubs.

Choosing the right bag for your needs can be difficult given the selection of bags to choose from.

Golf bags are designed based on the anticipated carrying method – whether it will be carried with a stand, driven around in a cart or pulled along, each bag is designed to meet specific needs.

The number of golf clubs and accessories that a bag can carry also varies according to skill level.

The Adidas ClimaCool Golf Shoe features internal climate control to help keep your feet dry and comfortable.
After walking 18 holes every golfer understands the importance of having a comfortable and durable pair of shoes. Even for those golfers who prefer to drive around the green in a golf cart, a good pair of golf shoes is essential for relaxing play.

Appropriate footwear is vital for gripping the green correctly while hitting the ball.

Golf is a game based heavily on concentration and skill – and no one can concentrate properly if they are not comfortable.

Being the kind of golf enthusiasts that we are, we have also tested a slew of super golfing accessories that will add fun and whimsy to your game!

From one-of-a-kind head covers to gloves, hats, tees and more – we have got you covered.