The SimpleGolfSwing Program – Raise Your Game to New Levels

In this post I will be showing you what the SimpleGolfSwing Program is all about, but before we get into that I’d like to mention why I decided to write this post.

Yesterday, I as I walked through a mall with my wife I dropped into their largest bookstore. I was headed towards the sports section to check for a book on Golf Courses in Ireland, Scotland, and a few other international destinations I want to try.

On my way towards the back of the store I passed the magazine rack and saw 6 different golf magazines vying for my attention. I stopped for a minute to glance through the titles and then started laughing.

You have probably seen some of these magazines and maybe even read a few articles, like ‘Hole it From Anywhere’, ‘7 Easy Moves for a Better Game’, ‘Break 80 This Year’ and my favorite ‘Hit it Miles Down the Middle’.

Anyway, you get the drift. So why did I start laughing?

Those articles are exactly what keeps my golfing buddies struggling on the course and letting me win round after round. It would be a tragedy if they discovered how to simplify their game and I had to start paying for the drinks at the end of the round.

To be fair, I also was once an avid reader of these types of articles. I read all of the magazines and practiced everything they taught religiously. I would hit plastic practice balls in the backyard. I would pound through bucket after bucket on the driving range. I would get one aspect of my game going the right direction and another area would fall apart.

That would lead me right back to the magazines and the articles by well-meaning professional players and coaches. I’d try the tweaks to my swing they recommended and new problems would surface.

Have you ever experienced the same thing?

Uncovering the Truth to Improving Your Golf Game

The problem is not in the content of the articles. The problem is trying to follow all of them. I was destroying my own game because I had made my swing so complicated and filled with rules I could never swing the club consistently.

A major turning point will happen in your game when you choose a system which simplifies your golf swing and makes it easy. The best system I found is The Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt.

the simple golf swing program

After watching a few of the training videos and reading through a little of the material I immediately put away all of my other magazines and golf books and made a commitment to work with just one program for an entire year.

I continued heading into the backyard to practice my swing. I still went to the driving range and pounded balls. A major change in my score was not instantaneous, but improvement was. Each week my shots were improving. My drives were becoming straight. I was hitting the ball farther.

Every club in my bag began to feel natural.

I had always been trying to adjust my swing to the club instead of making sure to make the proper club selection to fit my swing. By sticking to The Simple Golf Swing plan I started having consistency in every club I used. It did not matter whether it was my driver or my pitching wedge, they all worked.


I Want to Improve My Swing


What Did I Learn from this Program?

The basics of what I learned are very simple.

 – Simplify Your Swing

Tailor the Swing to Your Body Not A Top Athletes Ability (I am not as flexible, athletic, or strong

as a Tiger Woods, I will never be able to swing like him.)

 – Work on Consistency and Repeatability First

 – Let Power Come Naturally

 – Reduce Your Thinking While You Play (Over thinking destroys your swing.)

 – Getting the Right Grip, Setup, and Alignment are more Than Half the Battle

 – Timing, the Backswing, Downswing, and Follow-Through are Simpler Than I Thought

 – Smooth Beats Strong Every Time

That list may not seem very helpful at the moment, but consider what has happened to you in the past.
You read an article in a magazine. They tell you a new way to grip the club, align your feet, and how
high your hands should be at the pinnacle of your backswing.

You just changed three parts of your swing in an instant. Your swing is going to become erratic, out of control, and inefficient for weeks. You might not even be able to actually swing this way. I cannot get my hands and shoulders to the same position as golf professionals. My body is not designed that way.

With the 5 simple components of the swing I learned I was able to make my swing repeatable and consistent in just a couple hours on the range. From there it just became an issue of consistently focusing on those five steps with a swing which fit me, not the winner of the latest major.

the simple golf swing program2

How Much Did My Game Improve?

I’m not sure what your game looks like, but my old game was insane. I could play one day and score a 95 in 18 holes and then the next day explode out to a 125. I was never consistent. Even on those occasional good days it all felt like luck.

Now my scores are consistently improving. Those lucky days of 95 are now days I dread. I am a better player than that.

The best part of getting focused on a single system is becoming consistent. My scores vary by just a few shots between rounds throughout a month instead of those wild 30 shot swings. The best part of being consistent is not only cutting your score but the money you save.

I used to be the guy who would dunk half dozen balls in the water on a bad day. On a great day it might only be two or three balls which became lost out of bounds or in the drink. When you have a consistent swing you keep the ball in the fairway. You quit worrying about the water hazard in front of you because you know what your ball is going to do. Those sand traps might grab you on occasion, but you usually hit around them with ease.

I Want to Improve My Swing

The other part of saving money is because I no longer spend money every time I turn around buying the latest magazine to “Bomb Your
Drives” or “Hit it Long & Straight”, because I already do. Now when I want some golf reading material I’m buying books to plan my next golf vacation to a challenging course.

I am no longer worried about taking on the toughest courses around; I actually look forward to the challenge. It is amazing how much difference using The ‘SimpleGolfSwing’ Method has made to my mindset and golf swing at the same time.

I will never forget hearing motivational speaker Tony Robbins talking about his adventure of trying to learn golf. He was getting frustrated with his instructor when finally the instructor explained to him the difference between a perfect golf swing and a terrible one is often a single millimeter. Turn the club a millimeter the wrong way and your slice. Swing a millimeter too low and you drive into the ground and
lose power. A millimeter too high and your ball sizzles the ground instead of rocketing down the fairway.

the simple golf swing review

You must learn to stick to one method; the one system for creating a smooth powerful swing. Then and only then can you hit the ball with certainty and start increasing your power. For me the ideal teacher was David Nevogt and The Simple Golf Swing. He broke down the swing into five simple areas and suddenly it all started to click. I was not focusing on all of the crazy little rules and thoughts shared by all of the pros and coaches. I had a method I could practice and perfect.

Notice one thing I mentioned there. YOU STILL NEED TO PRACTICE. If you want to become a better golfer there at only two things you really need to focus on. Simplify your swing to become consistent, and practice consistently. With that combination you will lower your scores and increase your enjoyment of the game.

It is time for me to quit typing and start getting ready. I can already taste that great steak I won from my golfing buddy today. Are you ready to step up your game and start winning?

I Want to Improve My Swing