senior golfer doing golf stretches before playing

Stretching Exercises for Golf – Flexibilty in your Swing

Are your swing flaws simply bad habits – or could they in fact a sign of a lack of flexibility? Golf Stretching Exercises can help your overall golf and fitness levels to rapidly lower your scores!

If you’re like the vast majority of golfers you’re continually striving to improve your fitness and golf game. You’ve probably noted from time to time that your swing faults haven’t truly gone away despite the numerous lessons, the latest golfing equipment and the many long hours of practice. AND, until you’re prepared to do some work on increasing the flexibility of your golfing muscles by incorporating regular golf stretching exercises into your overall golf exercise program it’s odds on that they won’t ever go away!

You’ve most likely often read somewhere in a magazine or in on-line articles something like “Here’s a good stretch which will help increase your shoulder turn”, or some other similar kind of “tip” that’s supposed to magically remedy all of your swing faults (as well as boost your physique) forever.

However, the body doesn’t work like that. The reality is that our bodies are one large operating unit where the different muscle chains throughout the whole of our physique work together in harmony. For instance, if you want to stretch out your shoulders you’d be much better off beginning with stretching out all of the muscles that work together with the shoulders, such as the hamstrings, glutes, erectors, and so on.

Is A Lack of Flexibility Affecting your Fitness For Golf?

Golf stretching exercises incorporated within a regular golf exercise program to harmonise and work all of the important muscle groups will soon help you to get rid of your swing faults once and for all!  Provided that you apply the correct golf specific exercises and stretches to suit your particular swing faults you’ll soon see, and feel, a real difference. And that difference is game changing; it translates into instant an improvement on the course. You’re definitely not alone in being dissatisfied with your playing consistency. It’s something all golfers have in common, whatever their standard.

You’ll always hear complaints from golfers all over the world regarding the frustrating state of their golf games, their mental attitude and their overall golfing fitness – you’ve most likely contributed yourself on occasions. However, it’s a proven fact that any golfer who maintains a regular level of fitness will always outlast the overweight, unfit golfer in any form of competition – every time.

Let’s take a closer take a look at some of the real problems to help you find the right golf stretching exercises and a golf fitness workout to suit your specific circumstances. You should be looking to include most, if not all, the following benefits from your golf fitness workout:

* Increased range of motion allowing you to stretch and turn further in your backswing
* Improved distance, power, accuracy and consistency
* Decreased incidence and severity of low back discomfort
* Enhanced power in explosive activities
* Improved circulation and blood flow
* Relieved muscle soreness after intense physical activity
* Enhanced posture and muscle balance
* Increased muscle coordination
* Promotion of a much more fluid and natural golf swing
* Improved degree of golf performance
* A feeling of much more freedom of movement

The real problem with achieving consistent distance has nothing to do with the club you selected! Most typically, it is tightness in the shoulders which doesn’t allow you to make a proper back swing resulting in lack of distance and an incomplete follow through. Similarly, the mid-back region can also be a common source of tightness with much the same results. Most golfers simply do not realise that inflexibility in these areas really is the number one reason they can’t repeat a proper golf swing.

And, it’s not just amateurs, but professionals too.

Here are a few more things that may be affecting your golf swing and how far the ball travels after you’ve hit it. You may have one or more of those typical swing flaws, but do you know why?

Reverse Pivot: nearly always the result of poor spinal rotation or poor hip rotation.

Lateral shift: in your back swing or forward swing: generally associated with a lack of flexibleness in the hip joints.

Lack of distance: restricted shoulder turn: almost always the result of a stiff mid-back region.

A recent study of a range of varying ability golf players discovered that less skilled players employed only HALF the body rotation of professional golfers.

Wouldn’t it feel fantastic if, by increasing your body turn a few more degrees – and hence your driving distance – by incorporating one or two of these selected golf stretching exercises properly targeted at this part of the body, you might start to enjoy the game much better?

What Can Give You the Huge Advantage That Most Golfers Are Missing?

Here’s a selection of inexpensive, but extremely useful, golf and fitness gadgets we’ve heard about recently that will enable you to incorporate the regular golf stretching exercises you need either in the comfort of your own home or even right up to the time you’re ready to go out to play your game.

1)  The `I GOTCHA Ready’: is so popular that more than 70 players on the Champions Tour use it as well as seven of the top 15 money earners.

Image of `I Gotcha Ready' device for golf stretching exercises

I Gotcha Ready


“The three-step process in the `I GOTCHA Ready’ warm-up system starts with helping you to establish a smooth tempo and powerful release whilst simultaneously improving flexibleness by stretching out the golfing muscles” states Jim Light, president and founder of Pro Line Sports, Inc. “It’s like getting three products in one. The warm-up routine only takes a minute and will have golfers loose while building distance and flexibility.

Whether you’re a professional golfer or a recreational golfer, the quick & easy twist-n-lock design of the `I GOTCHA Ready’ enables the golf player to safely stretch out their golfing muscles to help reduce injuries.”


Can you see yourself driving it longer and straighter already!

Among the easiest ways to keep injuries at bay is to stretch those areas that are tight which in turn are causing the flaws in your golf swing. Only through correct golf stretching exercises can your muscles heal correctly from injury giving you much more mobility and freedom of movement.

One of the main sites of pain among male amateur golfers is the lower back. Women tend to suffer more from pain in the elbows followed by pain in their lower back. The parts of the body likely to suffer most are the lumbar area of the back, the elbow, shoulder, wrist and finger joints.

Everyone has certain physical limitations. For example, if your golf professional coach tells you to make a 90 degree shoulder turn and you truly can’t do it… what does he then tell you to do about it? Most likely, he’ll instruct you to make some kind of `compensation’ movement in your golf swing in order to be able to make that extra shoulder turn. The outcome is definitely not what you are paying for (less power, miss-hits and a complicated swing movement.)

The solution:

What you really need is a simple programme of golf stretching exercises or strength movements to solve that particular problem. YES, it’s that easy!

2.) The Slant Board – another really simple golf gadget to incorporate into your golf exercise program:

Image of Slant Board to include in your golf exercise program
Slant Board

This easy to use, adaptable slant board is perfect for every kind of calf and thigh stretching exercise. It has six angle adjustments and the unit folds flat for easy storage. It also has easily moveable plates for different placement of each foot to aid different types of golf stretching exercises for the ankles, calves and thighs.




3.) Golf Stretching Poles: were developed for golfers seeking to keep their muscles in tip top shape. They are also approved by the USGA to carry about in the golf bag.
With a Golf Stretching Pole you can stretch all the muscles necessary to make a big, full swing everytime.

That’s the way a golf fitness programme should be. Simple and easy with fast results.

No more `compensation’ swing adjustments that you can’t do consistently. Investing in just one or two of those selected golf gadgets with their simple tips and techniques that you can apply immediately and see results will be some of the best cash you’ve EVER spent!

The whole point of getting your body fit for golf is the fact that you don’t have to swing harder to hit it further. In fact, you’ll discover that you’ll be able to swing MUCH easier… and just see how your drives power right down the middle of the fairway. No more trees or sand for you!

It doesn’t matter if your handicap is 0 or 30 or how old you are or what your starting point is. You will be amazed at how fast you’ll feel invigorated and shoot dramatically better scores. The only thing you need now is a proper golf exercise program which is easy to maintain and is simple and undemanding to fit into your daily routine.  Time to stop searching for the latest `super-long’ driver, focus on what’s going to get you the quickest results that will last a lifetime.

Golf Fitness Workouts Can Improve Anyone’s Golf Game… Quickly!

And do you know what the best part of all of this is: you won’t need to hit thousands of balls on the driving range anymore; you will be able to use that time instead to get fit so you will see immediate improvements in your golf swing. NO MORE POUNDING AWAY AT BALLS! Believe it or not it’s your body that’s keeping you from a golf game your golf buddies will envy!

All the professional instruction in the world cannot help you to become a better golfer if your physique won’t let you do what your instructor wants you to do. Optimal flexibility will help to eliminate the road blocks to developing a higher level of golfing skill. Your swing will become much more consistent – and effortless. A lack of flexibility in your golf swing means that you will have to compensate in some way to complete your swing and reach your goals. The more you need to compensate, the more inconsistent your swing will become.

You can carry out all kinds of swing drills to address the problems, but if your flexibility doesn’t improve as well you’ll simply create another fault that needs to be fixed.  Since most swing faults are actually biomechanical faults associated with a restricted range of motion of a joint or joints, why not just address the issues using a few simple  golf stretching exercises?

You’ll hit it longer.

Maximum flexibleness enables any golf player to turn their upper body fully at the top of the backswing. What this means is that all of the joints from the ankle, knee, hip, spine, and shoulder are all properly positioned with the muscles that produce most of your club-head speed fully stretched out. When a muscle is stretched out to it’s full extent it can then contract much harder – AND faster. It’s kind of like snapping back an elastic band. The harder you want to snap it, the more you stretch it.

By increasing flexibility to your optimal levels, you can LOAD the appropriate muscles and then UNLOAD them harder and faster to produce more club-head speed, greater impact on the ball, and increased driving distance.

A quick question: Which is stronger, the muscles in your arms or the combined muscles of your whole body and legs?

It’s obvious, isn’t it? So why would you want to try to swing a golf club with just arm power?

Get Your Body Back and Improve Your Swing with Simple Stretches You Can Do at Home

That’s right! By using just one or two selected golf stretching exercises in your daily routine you will be able to concentrate on the task at hand – playing your best golf all the time – and not be concerned with what your body needs to do. Isn’t this the bottom line? It’s what we all strive for out on the golf course. So what are you waiting for?