Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar Review

It is cold outside…snowing in reality. Therefore, what better way to get take a look at your swing speed and your golf fix in. Than to swing a club round the house. We’ll be having a close examine a device that will accurately measure that for you personally. ….

The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

Optimize your golf and baseball swing

Whether a beginner or expert, the Swing Speed Radar from Sports Sensors can help you handle to simply take your game to the following degree and optimize your space. An invaluable aid for gammers of skill levels and all ages, the Swing Speed Radar is a strong tool for coaches and educators everywhere.

The Swing Speed Radar from Sports Sensors helps both metrics improve by ascertaining the best speed for optimum operation quantifying your swing rate, monitoring your swing uniformity, and selecting the bat or club characteristics that best suit your swing-type.

Golfers can use the device to determine the optimum swing for truth, and distance, control, while baseball/softball players may work on sharpening their bat speed to generate consistently strong contact. The Swing Speed Radar’s real time velocity feedback helps coaches and players quantify trouble shoot swing mechanics and progress.

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Instructions for Best Results

From the tee, just place the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar in a forward place about 8 to 10 inches straight away to quantify golf swing speed. In softball or baseball applications, meanwhile, you are able to hold the device on a hitting cage, pop-up fence, or net, or mount it on a tri-pod about 5 feet in the front of or behind the participant while she or he swings in the air or hits a tee off.

Put another way, the apparatus quantify the speed of the barrel of the bat, not the tip. The Swing Speed Radar is made a huge device for assisting you select the ideal bat size and weight for your swing by this.

What’s in the Box?

For carrying your Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar your purchase features a plastic draw-string pouch and two snap hooks for attaching it to your gear bag or dangling from a web for bat speed proportions.

Care of Your Swing Speed Radar

The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar is an original electronics product designed for exercise and coaching scenarios. Even though the solid design will withstand the rigors of normal use, it exposed to rain; or ought to be shielded from club, bat and ball impacts; must not be dropped or tossed, or submerged in water or other drinks.

Don’t use or abandon outdoors during bad weather. Stow the Swing Speed Radar in standard in house surroundings, preventing extreme temperature extremes, humidity, dust and soil. The Swing Speed Radar can be washed with a somewhat damped, soft cloth. Do not use solvents, alcohol, or cleansers which could cause permanent harm.


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The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar(SSR) device has been employed by me in the driving range on a bunch of events now over the past month. I’ve typically found the apparatus really reactive, by the period you have had an opportunity to look down following your swing, the swing pace number is brilliantly displayed on the liquid crystal display.

I would not have a TrackMan helpful to check the numbers noted, nevertheless, they did seem with what I expect from my swing to give. I could examine the figures to a Dancin Dogg simulator I’ve and discovered that on almost every swing the amounts reported were near-identical.

On occasion I’d get some amounts that would increase to 160..170mph. I just suppose it was capturing the ball speed instead of the clubhead speed, and that possibly I had the SSR a little ahead of the ball. It may have happened 3 or 4 instances complete out of a huge selection of swings perhaps not an enormous deal.

The tempo timer was not easy to work with while I really adore the swing speed radar aspect. A few times I found myself activating the start of timer with my waggle. It did appear to work nicely when it was not triggered by me.

It’s definitely pleasant to be able to see your speed moment, specially when working with a pace training apparatus. Therefore, I’m a little disappointed with the waggle touch, but I still have desires that I really could get it to work more consistently for me personally.

Swing Speed is critical in regards to enhancing your driving distance as you can observe in the chart below. A lot of training aids out there claim they can assist you to attain 10…20…30 yards…and actually the only way they can do that’s by upping your swing speed. Having a device such as the Swing Speed Radar at your aspect, you will get instant feedback on the changes you (or that coaching aid) are making to your own swing.

The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar takes 3 AA batteries. I have not yet needed to to restore them, a month and I’ve been using this thing for at least. That’s some significant battery lifestyle. Until you smack your driver into this thing at 125 mph… I ‘m guessing this small device will serve you well for quite some time.


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