SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews

SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer Review

When I was introduced to SkyPro, I was rather skeptical, and I didn’t even think that it will add any value to my game. My thinking was that it was one of those devices that provide you many numbers which you never really know the best way to use.

Yet, on applying this analyzer I managed to gather more info about my swing than ever before. After assessing the swings utilizing the device, I good an in-depth analysis of the places I should work, and I will tell you for sure that my swing is not any longer what it really used to be.

SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer – A detailed Review

Product Features

  • Long battery life: SkyPro comes with a battery that has an 8-hour life when fully charged which is a significant edge for any golfer. The most crucial shortcoming with one of these types of devices is the battery life that is short but this will never be a worry.
  • Smart Calibration: The apparatus was calibrated to ensure it is as accurate as you can, and so you can always trust the results that you get.
    Custom Groove Targets: You will receive Groove Medals to monitor your progress better you can set a specific target, and when you achieve it. It will help to ensure that you’re building an important improvement on your swings.
  • Swing sharing: If you wish to brag to your friends or compare your swing with theirs this apparatus makes it easy that you share swing information. This may be through Bluetooth or an email.
  • Swing Filtering: SkyPro can store a huge number of swings and so it is equipped with filtering and tagging tools that will help you handle your swing library.
  • Ruggedized: This device was built to resist anything so it’s going to require those aggressive exercise rounds effortlessly, and that you bring its manner.
SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer app.
SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer the app for android and IOS

The best way to use it?

To use the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer you first need to attach it to your own golf club using the simple thumb screw which is included with it. The unit fits on any club, and so you will be able enough to use it on all your clubs. As you simply have to put the phone flat on the ground and then and make several revolutions using the club, the calibration process is also quite simple. The program has to be in discovery manner for the calibration to happen. It will find automatically the golf club in use, plus following the calibration, the device is now prepared to use and send swing info via Bluetooth to the App.

Advantages of Using SkyPro

The key benefit of utilizing this apparatus is that it’ll enhance your swing. These devices will allow you to present you valuable suggestions on the best way to improve it and identify flaws in your swing. All this will soon be done in real time while you making it more efficient and hence are playing.


  • As it provides you a 3D Freedom of viewpoint, it doesn’t limit you to one camera angle.
  • You could not be unable to play your swing back in real time and at varying rates.
  • You can be able to compare between different swings in your swing library.
    It causes it to be possible that you zoom in to get a closeup view of any point in your swing.


  • This apparatus is quite pricey.
  • It merely supplies advice associated with your swing, and so it can’t be utilized to examine other significant elements of your game.

SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer advance golf swing
SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer advance golf swing


In the event you are a golfer who has constantly struggled with their swinging ability or one that needs more insight on their swing, the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer is crucial have. There’s likely no other apparatus in the marketplace that can provide better information than this to you, and so I would strongly recommend it for any golfer.

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