SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Review

The SKLZ Gold Flex warm up and tempo training aid, developed for golfers smaller than 5’4″, swing tempo, strength, and flexibility. The more the Contract swings off the golf links, the stronger and more versatile your muscles can be.

The high bend in the shaft helps by keeping your fingers and arms extended increasing with strength, lengthen your swing.

It’s this strength which will enable you to gain more distance and bomb your drive. The bend that is extra additionally supports a slight lag on top of your swing that is back, establishing the swing tempo that is ideal. The momentum the measured head creates when moving through encourages appropriate weight transfer as well as a complete continue for strength, balance and type.

The SKLZ Gold Flex  warm-up and rate training guide was created to boost your swing while providing a core muscle work out. A flatter swing plane supports and forces the downswing to be started from the low body, each of which fight with slices.

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SKLZ Gold Flex Strength Features

  • Durable polyurethane head for frequent use.
  • 2.5 lb. head.
  • Base span helps flatten the swing plane.
  • Fiberglass that is flexible helps and shaft teaches lag remove early release/casting.
  • Golf grasp with guidelines for proper hand positioning.
  • Sequencing in the swing enhances.
  • Reinforces golf muscles.
  • Great reduced-impact stretch for pre-round warm up.
  • Fits is authorized to carry-on lessons and easily in golf bag.

Sklz Gold Flex Review


Before my circular at Aviara Club (one pleasant greens you must perform in Carlsbad, incidentally) I’d time to warm up and before moving any routine golf clubs or striking balls I took away the Gold Contract.

It is instantly clear that to swing this lengthy, heavy and exceptionally versatile apparatus without damaging your self or those around you, it really is imperative to guide with all the large muscles and “wait” for what to stream in the correct collection.

Versatile exercise golf clubs thrown before therefore I wasn’t surprised by this. But becoming free in the procedure was an additional incentive I had not measured on.

As could be anticipated, after I took a practice swing and acquired a routine golf club, it felt light. I normally both slim it or set the turf over my exercise basketball, yet this moment I struck on a smooth flowing 8-iron, channeling my inner Ernie Els.


I required some more shifts together with the Sklz Gold Flex, experienced the clubs that were lengthier, then went for the first tee where I hit on a pull that was fine to the fairway.

The Gold Contract is demanding to swing correctly using an arm swing or by “selecting up” the golf club, therefore it obviously encourages a pull.

Besides reaching the first couple of fairways, I discovered that every occasionally much later in the circular I might unconsciously “picture” moving the Gold Contract. The outcome is not objective, I might state that I really could sense the club head through the swing a bit better due to this, basically need to place a hand on it, and I’d imagine my backs wing was not faster. (Believe me me, that is a great point for me personally.)

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The SKLZ Gold Flex  joins a warm-up just and a work out amount instruction golf club using an item which obviously boosts a few significant aspects of the swing movement — most notably series and the correct swing plane. It is lawful to transport a Gold Bend in your tote, and at 4-8″ it may match in the majority of golf travel bags.

How to use the SKLZ Gold Flex Training Aid