ping golf gloves

PING fits like a Glove

PING, the market leaders in custom-fit golf club technology, has introduced a brand new custom fitting-system designed to make ill-fitting golf gloves a thing of the past.

The new 3-step system, which can be found on the packaging of all PING’s premium golf gloves, enables the golfer to select the correct size of glove in seconds, thus avoiding expensive mistakes.

The new 3-step fitting system could not be easier to use. First, using the measurement table printed on the back of the packaging, you measure the overall length of your hand, palm-side up, from the wrist crease to the end of the longest finder.

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Second, you measure from the end of your longest finger to the crease where the finger joins the palm. Third, using the measurements you have taken, you find the point where they intersect on the measurement table. This tells you the size of glove you should you select.

PING’s premium golf gloves are made from Solite Cabretta leather using all the latest technology. Solite Cabretta leather is soft and light, making the glove one of the finest feeling products available.

A unique tanning process also gives a tacky grip surface, while also providing moisture resistance to eliminate stiffening from exposure to perspiration or rain.

The PING premium golf gloves are available in men’s S, M, M/L, L and XL and for ladies in S and M/L.