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Perfect Year Round Golf Fitness

As an avid golfer, you know that there’s no such thing as an “off-season” – that’s why you’re determined to find the best year round golf and fitness programme to suit your particular needs.

Given the fact that the winter season offers five months of golf-free stretches (unless of course you flee to warmer weather golf courses) this can cause a serious detriment in your overall fitness for golf.

So, unless you enjoy watching your friends run circles around you on the fairway, you need to make the most of  your golf fitness programme, including some basic golf stretching exercises, which you can use anytime during or after the off-season.

Ready for your perfect year round golf fitness?

These drills and golf specific exercises will bring you closer towards perfecting a golf exercise program to enable you to better hone your techniques, increase your strength and fine-tune your flexibility:

Improve Your Cardio.

Think of a daily golf fitness workout as the foundation of your perfect year round golf fitness programme.  Without healthy fitness for golf, you’ll be feeling the effects of “snow” on your golf game all year long. As soon as that cold weather starts settling in, be sure to incorporate fitness and golf exercises into your year round golf fitness programme.

This can include going for daily walks or light twenty-minute jogs on the treadmill.  Whatever you need to do to keep your heart rate up and pumping, do it – it will improve your stamina and get you fit in time for next year’s golf season.

Work on Your Strength and Golf Flexibility Exercises.

Most golf experts agree – the “off season” is the perfect time to work on your strength and flexibility.  Increasing your flexibility allows you to improve your game without putting undue stress on your body (this is often the number one cause of golf injuries), while strength training puts more power behind your swing.

Incorporate weight lifting and strength-training golfing gadgets in your year round golf fitness, and be sure to incorporate plenty of golf stretching exercises to stretch out your muscles before and after every workout.

If you’re serious about your golf flexibility exercises, try mastering a few yoga poses.  You may feel silly at first, but you won’t be laughing once you perfect your perfect golf stance.  There are also plenty of golfing gadgets out there that can help you build up strength and flexibility without enrolling in a yoga class.

Perfect Your Balance.

As the golf season looms into sight, most golfing experts agree that incorporating balancing exercises into your golf fitness programme is the best move to make.

Your balance plays a crucial role in your ability to deploy an effective swing motion – if it’s even slightly off-kilter, you’ll end up undercutting your game and won’t be able to accurately hit your target.  Try jumping rope to get in your cardio while working on your balance.

Work on your diet.

Surprised that a golf and fitness program begins with dieting advice?

Don’t be: golfing can be a rigorous sport, and like all good athletes, you need to prioritise a healthy diet to make the most of your fitness for golf.

Providing your body with the fuel it needs in the form of fruits/veg, lean proteins and whole grains will make it easier for you to last on the course while your friends are struggling to keep up.

Invest in some Indoor Game Improvement Gadgets

Get a golf swing analyzer.

Golfing gadgets like these are some of the best ways to incorporate a comprehensive golf fitness program, especially during the off-season.

We particularly like golf swing analyzers, which make it possible for you to determine your swing’s weaknesses without having to log serious face time on the practice ground. The best golf swing analyzers can alert you as to whether you’re swinging straight, coming over the top or hooking or slicing left and right.

Based on the feedback, you can start incorporating some golf specific exercises so your golf swing will be in peak condition during the actual golf season.

or maybe a Golfing Simulator

Speaking of off-season golfing gadgets, if you have some cash to spare, why not upgrade your golfing experience and invest in a total golfing simulator?

A screen replicates the appearance of a golf course, while an electronic golf club analyzes your swing and replicates real-world results.  This particular golfing gadget (or should we say, experience) can be rather pricey, but it’s an investment well worth making for avid golfers to maintain off-season total golf fitness.

In Season Advice.

Once you’re in the middle of the golf season, these total golf fitness activities should take a backseat to your actual golf game.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should slack off entirely – if you’re not actively golfing during the week then log in some time at the gym or at home to at least do some moderate golf stretching exercises to keep your body in peak physical condition.

And don’t forget to incorporate a regular brain fitness program into your overall golf and fitness routine – as many a touring golf professional will no doubt testify the mental side of the game often accounts for 90%  of all success on the golf course!

Helpful Tips to stick to you Golf Exercises

Ideally, you’d have all the time in the world to focus on a comprehensive fitness in golf program – but the realities of modern life often get in the way of this ideal.

Good intentions to wake up in the morning to a regular golf fitness workout can often crumble in the face of morning meetings.  Hours that should be spent in the gym working on your golf and fitness exercises are left ignored thanks to late nights at the office or running after your kids.

Let’s face it: you need a golf exercise program that makes it easy for you to work out without having to sacrifice your professional and personal time.

Luckily, it’s not impossible to develop golf specific exercises in a program that emphasizes fitness in golf – in fact, thanks to these tips you’ll discover that it’s easier than you think:

1.    Kill Two Birds With One Stone.

Time with friends should always be an important part of anyone’s schedule – and if you’re an avid golfer, why not combine time with friends with a trip to the local training center?

You can practice your golf stretching exercises and fitness for golf drills, work on your stance and fit in a little strength and golf flexibility exercises, all while catching up with your buddies.  If your friends aren’t into fitness in golf, make it your mission to convert them – they’ll come around soon enough!

2.     Buying Golfing Gadgets makes it easier.

Of course, any golf fitness program for the busy golfer should focus on turning the office into an opportunity to work on your skills.

If you have your own office, buy golfing gadgets like putting aides to work on your holing-out capabilities.  If you work in a cubicle, not to worry: purchase a half stability ball and practice some golf flexibility exercises whilst balancing on it.  It’s a great way to improve your posture – and ultimately your golf game, within your cubicle without cluttering up your workspace.

3.    Prioritise It. 

While you may lead a busy lifestyle, there will still come a point where you need to prioritize your fitness in golf.  This might mean sacrificing a night out with the lads down the pub, or spending a weekday at the golf range.

If you would only mentally prepare yourself by also incorporating a brain fitness program into your regular golf and fitness program these prioritisations will make it easier for you to find the time in your busy schedule to work on your fitness in golf.

No matter how busy you might be, prioritising your golf exercise program is all about making the conscious choice to do so.

You’ll always be busy, and there might never be a truly convenient time to work on your game.  But if you’re serious about your golf and fitness, then make your golf fitness program a mandatory part of your daily schedule.

These comprehensive year round golf fitness techniques and golf flexibility exercises will keep your golf game right where it belongs – at the top!