Making The Best Use Of Practice Time

Would you agree that today more than ever we seem to be under time pressure?

Naturally we have less time to allocate to our practice, so when we do practice we need to use it WISELY!

You’ll find there are lots of golf tips out there about practice drills etc, but with time being so valuable, how should you allocate this time so as to make the best use of it?

Before I get into it,  please remember the most important practice tip of all:-

If you practice bad habits they’ll engrain themselves into your swing and these are then incredibly difficult to ‘un-learn’.
Make sure you are practicing the right drills that will improve the part of the game you are working on.

How to Make your Practice Time Productive?.

Golf tip #1
Allocate 35% of your practice time to your short game
(inside 100 yards)

It can be difficult to find a short game area to practice on especially in the winter months, but it’s still good use of time to do this at the driving range if that’s your only option. Alternatively if it’s safe to do so, you can work on short pitching in your backyard.

Golf tip #2
Allocate 30% of your time to your putting

Again finding a practice green can be difficult, but failing this work at home on some carpet or get an indoor practice green to work on short putts – which as we all know are a vital part of the game.

Golf tip #3
Allocate 30% of your practice time to your power game

Split this time up 50/50 between woods and irons.

Golf tip #4
Spend 5% of your time on golf psychology

This can be practicing under pressure (see our golf psychology lesson for some great drills) or grooving your pre-shot routine. This is crucial practice time though so don’t overlook it.

If you have a particular weakness (perhaps chipping) then allocate a little more time to this area taking away some time from your strongest area.


A final great golf tip about practicing is to remember that making changes and improvements to your game rarely happen over night, and to go forwards in golf you sometimes have to go backwards first.
Stick to working on one part of your swing at a time and don’t panic if you don’t see an immediate improvement. It will come if you practice the right drills and stay committed!!!