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5 Tips to Improve your Left Handed Golf Swings

Recent statistics show that between 7 – 10% of all golfers are left handed. Being in the minority can cause all types of problems for “lefties” but most of these limitations can be overcome.

In this post I will give you some tips to make the most of your left handed golf swings and show you correct your some of the mistakes you are making with your swing so that you can become a proud left handed golf player.


Left Handed Golf Swings: Tip One – Think In Reverse

Quite often you will pick up a killer tip from a golf magazine, see a demonstration of greatness by a professional golfer on TV, or you play with right handed golfers who are your role models. But if you want to be able to use what you just witnessed or learned, then you are going to need to be able to reverse everything.

This may seem obvious, and it is, but practicing it is actually much harder. Thinking in reverse is a skill which you can develop through regular practice.

Left Handed Golf Tip Two – Build A Strong Armor

Golf is just as much a mental game as it is physical, and don’t think at some stage a righty won’t give you a hard time about being left handed because they will.

You may hear remarks about left handed golfers being unable to play as well as right handers but don’t listen, build up your psychological armor and deflect any negativity that comes your way.

Get back at them by showing them how effective your left handed game is.

Left Handed Golf Tip Three – Get Left Handed Training

If you are looking for left handed golf swing tips training guides, it may take some time finding a resource such as this. Finding the right instructional material is the main problem area that can impact a left handed golfer.

The large majority of video training and guides cater specifically for right handed golfers.

Resources do exist for left-handers but they are much more scarce. It is worth using these resources if you can find them rather than the ones designed for right-handers as it will make learning much more easier.

Left Handed Golf Tip Four – Buying the right Equipment

Buying left handed golf clubs can be a frustrating experience for many left handed golfers.

Do your online research before heading out to a golf store. Many shops do not stock left handed clubs, and if they do, they may not be the type you are looking for.

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When you are choosing your golf clubs, don’t just pick out anything because they have a limited range. You may have to spend extra time shopping around until you find what you are after.

If you are really struggling to find the clubs you desire at local shops, consider buying online.

Left Handed Golf Tip Five – Be Proud About Being Left Handed

Being a lefty golfer is nothing to be embarrassed about. On the contrary, it is believed that being left-handed give some form of advantage to athletes. In fact, while only 10% of the population are lefties, surprisingly left handed athletes are ranked more often on top athlete lists.

Take a look at this post for more details on the studies they conducted in this regard. So, being left handed is not a limitation and you can still become an amazing golf player regardless of which hand you use.

Take pride in being unique and use the fact that you are a left handed golfer to be the motivation you need to train hard and beat the right handed players.

The bottom line is right handed swing tips and left handed golf swing tips are exactly the same. The only difference is you need to reverse what you are taught.

So stop getting caught up in the nonsense of right handed golfers as they play mind games with you.

Stand up and be proud to be a lefty golfer.