IZZO Swami Golf GPS Review

The IZZO Swami Golf GPS is a cheaper choice to many higher-priced Golf GPS units on the market. But functions equally well by offering many of the same characteristics and benefits needed to optimize your performance on the class. The Swami comes preloaded with over 30,000 global class maps and requires no yearly subscription.

Only charge and play!

The device has a large, lively 1.8 inch color display that’s easy to read (even in bright sunshine). And function, providing accurate distance to the front/centre/back of the green. Auto-hole progress and course map edit functions. Added features include shot distance measurement. And a digital scorecard for every course map. The rechargeable battery carries a 6 to 8 hour charge. And may last 2 complete rounds. Permanent and waterproof-with a 90-day limited guarantee.

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IZZO Swami SET UP and Syncing

The Good:

The IZZO Swami has all classes pre-loaded onto the device.

The bad: The map updater applications, needed to ensure you possess the newest class information, is not accessible for Macs.

Necessary measures. With courses pre loaded on the Swami. You can reach on the course when the battery is charged.

To ensure you possess the newest class maps you will need to use the Swami Upgrade applications. This entails:

  • Downloading the free IZZO Swami Update software on a PC;
  • Running Setup Tool and launching the “Golf Course Link” software;
  • Plugging in the IZZO Swami via a USB cable, powering the device on and syncing via the software.

Time needed for set up.Image result for IZZO Swami Golf GPS Review

We urge, nevertheless, that you take time to sync the device to be sure to possess the newest class data. Our time to sync the apparatus for class updates (which upgrades all classes world-wide) took a whopping 2 hours and 5 minutes.

That is right…over two hours to upgrade a device that supplies just the most fundamental space info. We are unsure what to say other than that’s a really long time to upgrade class data that is straightforward. The great news? We did not have the device driver problems that we did with IZZO device before.

What’s in the Box: The IZZO Swami is packaged with:

  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Belt Clip
  • Protective soft bag


Vital Golf Test: The Swami finishes in the leading the bunch in our course protection evaluations and has made great advances, addressing 98% of the classes we tried. As the Izzo supplies just spaces that are set to middle the front and rear of the eco-friendly, we anticipate this amount of protection.


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The Promises of producer: The producer promises that its program data-base contains over 28,000 programs world-wide , on par with other golfing GPS devices examined.

Ease of Use

The Good: Extremely light. The text are large and Easy To-read.

The Bad: Drops satellite lock faster and doesn’t lock on distances as quickly as other devices.

Switches : The IZZO Swami has four switches: electricity/enter, along (to cycle through different openings or lessons), and site (to toggle displays). Switches are easy to press.

Display: The device has a shade display that is fundamental. Spaces are not small and simple to examine.

Form-Factor. The IZZO Swami is around average in size (though heavier than we might like). However, is among the lightest GPS devices available on the market.

Starting a Round: After driving on, the Swami may just take before showing a listing of courses that are nearby a couple of minutes to get satellites. Simply choose your class (though you could notice some eccentric text malfunctions for example these in the picture at right) and tee it up.

For particulars, check the Essential Golf comparison of golf GPS simplicity across all devices analyzed out.

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Course Detail and Mapping

The Good: The IZZO lets concentrate on the space to the eco-friendly to consumers – no becoming deflected by images or space info that is added to pit goals.

The bad: We recognize this type of device that is simple. But nevertheless, it will be excellent in order to flip through a minimal quantity of further hole info, including risks.

Views. The Swami space display offers the space to the middle of the eco-friendly in big text.  With spaces to rear points and rigid entrance of the eco-friendly placed just above. Period and the pit amount are exhibited at the end of the display.

Hole Information. Par is contained, though oddly (and sadly) maybe not to the space display but instead on a different display that shows program title, gap, par and spherical period.

Custom Maps. The IZZO permits customers to change rear and existing entrance, middle


The IZZO Swami isn’t exactly feature rich. But it includes auto-progress to shot space measurement, the next hole. As well as a round timer. You can also adjust the options for language (ten choices),

Unfortunately, in case you need to alter options throughout a round, you are required to leave the circular, make any modifications, then choose to play again. This will then force the device to really go through the procedure of re-getting satellites (though this will be more rapid than first acquisition), you’ll have to pick your lessons again, then forward for your current hole. Phew. Where is the “restart round” switch?unit of dimension and time adjustment. And strength controls including back lighting and power off options.


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The IZZO Swami was reasonably accurate, with space readings within 5-6 meters of on-program mark. Although openings were occasionally found by us with disparities that are higher.

Besides periodic smaller space inaccuracies, we did get an extremely poor experience with one of our evaluation models on a well-regarded lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area. The circular started well enough through the first two openings. But we found that no distance reading was provided by the Swami at all when we arrived at the 3rd hole.

This might be explained from the fact that the third and 4th holes were recently refurbished, and affirmed when we progressed to the 5th tee we found that gap tips unexpectedly existed yet again. But what sent us over the edge was when we stumbled on the 10th pit and rounded the turn, we found that that the rest of the class wasn’t planned at all. We could not also progress to the openings – they simply didn’t exist.

Image result for IZZO Swami Golf GPS what is in the package

And customers will be none too happy when they go to the trouble to confirm a certain class(s) is available before buying the Swami, simply to find that it really isn’t totally (or right) mapped. Learn from our mistakes: only purchase the IZZO Swami if you have a Windows machine available, and make sure to update the device for almost any updated course advice before playing your first round.


Fees for Access to Course Data-Base: Unlike IZZO devices that had annual fees for class upgrades, the Swami has no annual charges. There is a , change that is nice, and surprising!

3- Year Total Expense of Ownership: With no annual fees, the IZZO Swami keeps its low price making it the least expensive device in our tests over a three-year period.

Value: There may always be market to get a straightforward apparatus in an acceptable cost. And if you’re seeking only the basics, this device is unparalleled. If you do wish to spend a little more, it is possible to go to the next level of GPS devices, which could supply more performance and be actually less difficult to use (including timepieces such as the IZZO Swami Watch).


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