men swinging a golf club

In Search Of The Perfect Golf Swing

Is there such a thing as the perfect golf swing?

I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the very best golf swing instructors in the world and have made sure I learned as much as I could about the golf swing and perhaps even more importantly how they taught the golf swing.

I have felt that it was important to learn everything I could about the golf swing because I charge people to fix their problems and as their golf coach that is invariably why they come to see me.

It is vital to understand how people learn

It is a waste of time if you have knowledge but do not know how to pass it on effectively as can often be the case with professional golfers. I have always found it interesting how all of the best instructors have taught the golf swing in such different manners.

The golf swing is “two turns and a swish” – how simple is that!

To be honest it really can be that simple, and it can be really useful to keep it that simple especially out on the golf course. If your mind is thinking of too many things (more than one!) it can be extremely difficult to perform an effective golf swing.

The Simple Golf Swing Program is one of those books/video courses that keeps things as simple as possible.

Now, on the other hand there are some books out there about the golf swing that make it so complicated. I have made sure I have learned from these books as well and learned all the technical aspects of the golf swing because I am a professional instructor, but I do not teach that way. I feel it is important to keep things simple whilst teaching the golf swing.

That said, if I am teaching a particular type of person I will go into more detail. Their personality will suit this approach.

I have also learned from Chuck Cook and Martin Hall

These guys are both world class golf coaches and the way they talk about the golf swing is, in my opinion, fantastic! I teach the golf swing in a similar fashion to how they teach the golf swing. How do I know this? Well, they are both Golfing Machine Authorised instructors and so am I.

The Golfing Machine is one of those books that I would not recommend to a club golfer since it is extremely technical to read. It was written by a genius called Homer Kelley and it shows every aspect of every golf swing you are likely to encounter in your golfing life.

Most golf coaching books teach one way of doing things like David Leadbetter’s book “The A Swing”. It is Mr Leadbetter’s opinion on how the golf swing should look.

In The Golfing Machine book there are 4 quadrillion ways to perform a golf swing!

4 quadrillion!!

That is a pretty big number. What does that tell you?

It should tell you that a Golfing Machine Authorised Instructor can help a huge number of golfers with a huge number of different ways to correct their problems and that not all golf swings necessarily have to be the same.

The Golfing Machine pays particular attention to three things you must do in your golf swing, and these are called the three imperatives.

  1. Clubhead lag pressure point (create lag)
  2. You must have a straight plane line (swing the club on plane)
  3. A flat left wrist.

To some of you this may sound a little technical, and in many ways it is. But if you do all of these things you will have a golf swing that creates power and accuracy. As I said before, even though I have learned all the technical aspects about the golf swing I deliver my message in a simple way so people can understand what they need to achieve.

Whoever you see to help you with your golf swing, you need to know if they have sought out great instructors and learned from them – and don’t be afraid to ask. It is your hard earned money and you need to use a coach that knows about the golf swing and who puts you through a full assessment. This is so they know what you want to achieve and where you want your golf game and golf swing to go.

If you want a perfect golf swing, demand more from your golf coach but to get you started here are a few basic golf swing tips.

Useful Golf Swing Tips

For any golfer becoming better and improving your game and handicap is an important goal. Even the experienced players are constantly working to improve their skills by learning new techniques. By identifying your weak areas and learning new golf swing tips, one is able to advance in the game.

New techniques are able to make a difference in the way one plays the game.

The Golf Swing Grip

An important factor for the golf swing is to have the right grip. This is very important because, it is the basis of your swing and getting the correct grip is crucial as this is how the player interacts with the golf club.

To be able to do this very well, you may opt to interlock the left index finger and right small finger or make contact of left index finger and right little finger or you can overlap the grip.

There are many different types of golf grip and who is to say which is the correct one. Basically it is down to personal preference and one that the golfer should be comfortable with.

A Balanced Stance

Another important factor in the golf swing is balance. You should always try to ensure equal balance of your weight on each foot.

Always be relaxed because being tense can have a negative impact on how you swing. It is very important that you achieve a bent posture at the hip when targeting to hit the ball and slightly flex the knees at the same time. Also try to ensure that the spine is erect at this time.

An important but neglected instruction is how you place the chin. It is important that you ensure the chin is at a central position without positioning it on your shoulder of just directing it straight. If possible, try to use your fist to position it adjacent to the upper region of the chest.

The Backswing

Then we come to the backswing. During the backswing, always try and ensure the left arm is straight on the backswing.

Try and keep the speed of the backswing nice and steady and not too fast. However, it can be hard to do this bit try and get in the routine of a nice take away with a good speed controlled back swing. Once you reach the top of the backswing you are ready for the downswing.

At the top of a full backswing the club should be parallel to the ground poiting towards the target. However, do not worry if you cannot achieve this as you have to very flexible to achieve this and also this full swing can lead to more porblems on the down swing.

Try not to over the parallel with the club on the backswing as this is called overswing and can mean that you could lose control of the club on the down swing.

When you start the downswing of the club always ensure that your head is still and looking at the ball as it was when you took the club away on the backswing.  Start swinging the hips while keeping the head at the rear of the ball until you hit the ball.

Swinging the club down you are trying to get the club head back to the point on the ball you had at address. If you achieve this then you should hit the ball square on and get the desired shot.

Swing Follow through

On the follow through make sure that the golf club keeps going after impact on the plane of the swing and you should be turning the head to follow the club and the ball. On the follow thorugh try and maintain your balance as the weight is transferred back to the fromt foot and you should still be on both feet.

After carefully learning and understanding the golf swing tips, always practice to perfect them, but try not to hit the ball too hard. Once you are comfortable with the new skills you can begin to hit some balls. Remember to always try and be relaxed and focused on the ball. If you tense up this will affect your swing and you will not achieve what you are looking for.

Golf Swing Practice Drills

One way of practicing your golf swing is to use various drills that help you sharpen your motion and correct any errors that most golfers naturally tend to make when it comes to their swing. Below you will find two such drills that you can practice at home in your backyard or even out on the course.

9′o clock Start Drill

If you are having difficulties starting your back swing, there is a great way to fix your problem. It is called the 9′oclock start drill. Let’s have a look first of all at what your problems maybe, you maybe getting slightly too much away on the inside or taking the club away on the outside and even maybe manipulating the hands too much in that position.

What you should do instead for this drill is simply take the club away, check to make sure it is in the correct position. Which is shaft parallel to the ground, parallel to the target and the club pointing up. Make sure the body is in the right position at the same time.

Move yourself into the swing position, pause with the club back there and then focus back on the golf ball and then complete the swing.

The 9′oclock start drill might be just the start of your golfing success.

Baseball Swing Drill

Now here is an easy drill to do to understand the shape of your golf swing. It would be much simpler for many golfers if they could swing at a ball that was teed up at the same level as a baseball is thrown. People make fewer errors when they swing on a horizontal baseball type plane. You never see a player really swing out to in when they are swinging a club in that manner.

Somehow when the ball is down on the ground, the tendency is to lift the club up, swing out to in and have numerous problems on the swing. Also the other thing we see when swinging a club on a horizontal plane, we see the body turning nicely back and through. When the club is on the ground the players tend to tilt, they do not turn.

This drill will really give you a feel of the shape and path of your swing. It is a circular motion. Now if you can translate that same feeling down to the ball, we are in business. Get about a 5 or 6 iron, tee the ball up, get your stance and then hold your club in front of you like you parallel to the ground.

So in this drill all you have to do is to make baseball swings in front of you and gradually get lower and lower until you get somewhere near the ground then you make a swing.

You will will be amazed at the sensation you will get and you will get some great shots too.