How To Play Golf In 4 Easy Steps

So you would like to learn how to play golf. You’re not alone, thousands of people take up the sport every day and roughly 10% of the adult population of Australia play golf. Golf is taken up for a variety of reasons including:

Common reason people take up golf

  • Just for fun
  • To network and socialise – golf can be a great way to make a few mates
  • For business golf days – what better way to win a contract!

Whatever your motivation for learning how to play golf; don’t delay. It is easier than you think. Picking up golfing lingo & terminology will come with time, and your golf swing will only improve the more you play.

1 Don’t buy a thing

There is no need to go out and buy expensive clubs, golf shoes or GPS’s. All this golf equipment will come later. Larger golf courses will have clubs you can hire when you first play and stuff like golf shoes, range finders and GPS’s are for later stages of playing.

2 Find yourself a local golf course with a driving range

Browse through our public golf course directory and locate a nearby golf course with a driving range (a driving range is where you can practise hitting a golf ball over and over).

3 Book a golf lesson with a golf coach

Once you have found yourself a public golf course with a driving range. Give them a call and book in a lesson with a golf coach on how to play golf. Just an hour at first is fine. The golf coach will run you through the basics of;

  • Holding the golf club correctly
  • Body position and where you should be standing
  • Swing technique

It’s a good idea to consider having a few lessons and practise sessions at the driving range before playing on an actual golf course.

GOLF TIP: Hitting off a tee with a driver is much harder than using an iron off the ground. Save the driver practice for further along your golfing journey

4 Play an actual game of golf

So you have had a few golf lessons and practise sessions at the driving range. Your swing is now relatively consistent and the ball flies straight(ish). Pick a golf course from our directory, it can be the same one with the driving range you have been practising at or you may select a smaller quieter course to give yourself some privacy.

Give the golf course a call, confirm they have clubs you can borrow and ask how busy they are (it’s a good idea to pick a quiet time during the week or earlier/later on a weekend). Arrive at the course, book in 9 holes, buy yourself a 6 pack of balls and get to golfing!

So you have just learnt the basics of how to play golf. Find a golf course near you by navigating our interactive golf map or browsing the course directory.