Stop Losing Golf Balls Thanks To A Golf Ball Locator

Have you ever heard of a golf ball locator? No, I’m not talking about a buddy you bring along or a dog who finds your errant shots. Golf ball locators can be used on the gof course by beginning as well as veteran golfers who are tired of spending hundreds of dollars each year replacing golf balls that have somehow not ended up down the middle of the fairway.

On the other end of the spectrum, I’m sure you’ve had the occasion of looking for a lost ball for a couple of minutes only to find it almost right in front of your face, just slightly into the rough. At other times a leaf might be hiding the ball or it can be on the other side of the tree that you haven’t checked yet.

Let’s face it that golf balls are small enough and sometimes so dirty that they might not be found as easily as we like them too. Then there are the times that we’ve hit a shot 60 yards off that almost goes into the next fairway. In those cases, a golf ball locator can often be your best friend.

Prazza Golf Ball Finder

Enter the Prazza Golf Ball Finder.

So how does a lost ball locator work?

Well actually there are a few different types of golf ball locators. One kind has simple technology using a transmitter that finds the ball’s code using receivers. So if you’ve hit your shot out of bounds from the tee, a receiver gets a signal from the ball, it shows you where this golf gadget calculates your ball to be and then you can go and locate it easily and quickly.


Another technology is through something that looks like a pair of sunglasses. Some of these golf ball finding glasses use light which reflects a certain way off the ball to help you find your golf ball while others may dull the surrounding rough while at the same time make your golf ball stand out like a sore thumb. So in effect if you’ve hit the ball into the rough and put on these golf finder glasses, they in theory should be able to help you more readily and quickly find that golf ball.

Locator Glasses

Some lost golf ball locators are relatively simple and come with a low price tag of around $30 to $40 or so. Heck, I paid nearly that dollar amount for the last dozen golf balls that I purchased. Others are very high tech and may cost in excess of $300.

My personal opinion on this is to go with the sunglass type of golf ball locator and see how that works for you but if you are into gadgets, then maybe a golf ball finder like the Prazza is a good purchase for you. Check out this cool video.

In the end, a golf ball finder may cut down on the frustration and sometimes embarrassment a golfer might feel when they’ve not only hit a bad shot but then may have to spend the next few minutes looking for the ball. Between the cost of losing golf balls and losing strokes on the course for the lost ball, my recommendation is to look into the various types of golf ball locators and decide which one might be right for you.