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Golf Tips – Golf Club Technology Can Help You

What is it about a shiny, new iron that allows you to hit the ball so much further than before?  Technology?  No!

It’s the same reason why long irons are now almost impossible to hit with any real consistency; lofts are decreasing and shafts are getting longer.

If you have old irons sitting in the garage at home go and take a look for yourself… You’ll find that the 5 iron in your bag today is roughly the same loft & length as a 20 year-old 3 iron;

and – even with the extra assistance provided by modern technology – how many golfers do you know of that can hit a 3-iron with any consistency? Perhaps that explains the trend below…

Hybrid Golf Club

Hybrid golf clubs only accounted for just 2.6% of wood sales.

98% of tour professionals carried a 3 iron or longer.

Estimates suggest 7% of golfers were using a hybrid golf club.

Around 70% of tour players had at least one hybrid golf club in play.
66% of all iron sets did not even include a 3 iron.
Hybrid golf clubs accounted for 33% of all wood sales.

Today – 46% of golfers prefer to use a hybrid golf club compared to 26% of golfers who prefer to use a long iron.

I don’t blame the 45% of you who have made the move over to hybrid golf clubs; their more forgiving nature and higher ball flight adds an extra dimension – be it more consistency or a little extra ‘reach’ – to your green-seeking arsenal.

Likewise, I have no problem with the 26% of you who still favour the shot-shaping qualities and more penetrating ball flight offered by the long irons (assuming you can hit them of course!)

Through simple deduction this leaves us with a sizeable 29% of golfers who liked the added variety on offer by having both types of club in the bag.

Individual variables aside, I think this 29% has the right idea.

Those of you who have successfully integrated long irons and hybrid golf clubs, marrying lofts to eliminate distance gaps, will have a club (and a ball flight) to turn to off any lie, in any situation.
And that’s the type of confidence a golfer needs to lower his scores!

The Truth About Hybrid Golf Clubs

One golf tip I often give to my students is ‘Let new golf technology help you – it really can make golf easier’.

This is SO true when it comes to the phenomenon of hybrid golf clubs, but there are so many mis-conceptions about hybrid golf clubs that I thought it was about time to tell the real truth about them and how you can get the best out of them.

Some truths about hybrid golf clubs:

  • They DO make the game easier
  • They ARE more forgiving to hit than irons – especially long irons
  • They are MUCH better for hitting out of the light rough

Some non-truths about hybrid golf clubs:

  • They do NOT hit the ball any further than the equivalent iron or fairway wood
  • They are NOT replacements for fairway woods

What are hybrid golf clubs designed for?

Hybrids are not replacements for fairway woods

Strictly they are iron replacement clubs, but unfortunately people often treat them like fairway woods, which they are not.

Manufacturers are always trying to get people to hit the ball further and they have done this with hybrid clubs as well, which strictly speaking is incorrect (and maybe a little naughty). Hybrids were originally designed to make it easier to hit long irons. So a number 3 hybrid was invented to replace a 3 iron and a number 4 hybrid was invented to replace a 4 iron. So if companies were going to do it properly they would make the 3 hybrid the same length and loft as a 3 iron, but they don’t.

Golf Tip 1
How to buy the right hybrid golf clubs for your golf swing

When you go to buy a hybrid golf club you should look for one that is a direct replacement for what you have. If you struggle to hit your 3 iron you should buy a 3 hybrid that is of the same loft and length as you current 3 iron. Here is where you have to trust the person that is selling you the hybrid and if they are an ethical golf professional with integrity they will have your best interests at heart.

When buying hybrids look to replace your irons with hybrids that are of the same length and the same loft. The loft is usually on the bottom of the hybrid to help you make the correct decision.

Golf Tip 2
How to play with hybrid golf clubs

In terms of how you play a hybrid the best golf tip I can give you is to play it exactly like an iron – it’s as simple as that. If you hit your 3 iron a certain way then play the hybrid exactly the same way. There are various things you should do with both clubs and these are:

  1. Have the ball position for a right handed golfer slightly to the left of centre. To make things simple you can use this position for all of your longer irons. To be totally correct I would encourage you to experiment where you have the ball position because everyone is different. Some instructors will tell you it has to be in a certain place like I did a moment ago, but this should only be seen as a guide and you need to practice to find the correct spot for you.
  2. Hit down onto the ball and attempt to take a divot just like an iron. I am not talking about a large divot, but it is vital to attempt to take a divot. This means you will get to the bottom of the ball, which means the ball will get into the air.

In simple terms as I said before, play the shot just like you would with an iron. Do not change anything at all and swing the club smoothly.

Golf Tip 3
If you don’t have any hybrid golf clubs in your bag you are simply making the game harder for yourself

As I said earlier – one of the best golf tips I can give you is to take advantage of technology. It makes the game easier and also makes your golf more enjoyable.