golf swing the moment of truth

Golf Swing – The Moment Of Truth 

In the golf swing ‘The moment of truth’ is the alignment just before and during impact. This is the area of the golf swing where you need to be absolutely correct so you can control the golf ball and achieve distance.

If you have a look at the golf swing of many tour players you will see many variations, but when they arrive into impact at the moment of truth you will find they are all extremely similar in their impact alignments. I will share with you a little later what those impact alignments are but first of all let me try and help you assess your golf swing alignment at the moment of truth.


Tiger’s average drive measures around 300 yards

Is your alignment at the moment of truth correct?

  • Do you hit the ground before the ball?
  • Do you hit the top of the ball?
  • Do you hit the ball thin a lot of the time?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then your alignment at the moment of truth needs some work…

Here is another question for you: where do you think the divot should happen in the golf swing? (I gave you a clue in one of the earlier questions)

The divot should happen after the ball and it’s extremely difficult to make your divot happen after the ball if you have poor impact alignments in your golf swing. The lower a golfers handicap the further after the ball the divot happens at impact and the higher the handicap the further behind the ball the divot happens at impact.

Quite a few golfers I teach struggle with impact alignments in their golf swing and it’s really holding them back from improving and reducing their handicap. If you want to reduce your handicap then you need to improve your impact alignments which in turn will improve your golf swing. If you don’t practice your golf swing you simply will not be able to improve your impact.

Work through it to improve it

You probably don’t want to hear this, but I’m not going to be one of those golf instructors who feed you with a load of rubbish. I will not tell you that you will change your golf swing in 20 minutes and everything will be alright. It simply is not possible, and if any instructor tells you that they can change your golf swing for life in 20 minutes, well quite frankly they are not serving your best interests. They are just telling you what you want to hear and fooling you into giving them more of your hard earned money.

How do you attain good impact alignments in your golf swing?

First of all you need to know what they are. At impact you need a flat left wrist and you need the shaft leaning forward towards the target. There is a warning with this though. You should only do this if you want to hit the ball straighter and further than you ever have before. It will take practice for you to achieve this in your full golf swing so stay committed to working at it during your practice sessions.

At first you can practice it by hitting small shots. You must hit down with your hands ahead of the ball at impact. Do not try to lift the ball in the air, you will only learn to top the ball if you do this. So hit down and have those hands ahead of the ball when you strike it. Once you can achieve this in a small golf swing then you can graduate to a longer golf swing.

Good luck with it and if you have any questions about this or any other blog post don’t hesitate to contact us.