Golf Practice Mats – A Welcome Addition to your Yard!

If you are a keen golfer who wants to improve your game, putting golf practice mats in your home or back yard gives you the perfect opportunity to practice whenever you want without having to drive to the course.

Golf practice mats come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. You can buy them in synthetic and nylon, both of which can offer you a place to practice but both offer disadvantages that you cannot avoid.

The Pros owning Golf Practice Mat

Looking at the advantages first, these golf mats offer you a realistic golfing experience at first, they help you improve your swing and feel the same as real turf.  You won’t get any shock or vibration for them enabling you to practice for longer.

The golf practice mats are ideal if you wish to practice your short game, but be sure to buy the synthetic version made from polypropylene if you want to practice your longer shots.

These mats can fit into your garden with ease, this is a huge advantage, they are not difficult to place and can offer you hours of practice time.

The Cons of Golf Practice Mats

Unfortunately everything you buy will come with its own disadvantages and the golf practice mats are no different.  Some of the mats you buy you will find the greens mat down; there is nothing you can do to rectify this, so you can expect this to happen over time and regular use.

The matting down of the green on the golf practice mats makes the balls roll faster, making it impossible to control your speed.  This can be a big disadvantage for some players who enjoy having full control over their golf swing and speed. You will have to amend the way to practice, making it harder when you hit the real course for a round of golf with your friends, because you’ve been practicing a completely different way.

The material the golf practice mats are made of is extremely rigid, so it’s not the ideal opportunity for chipping, you will find the balls will bounce unpredictably, making practice a little harder than anticipated.

Lastly they don’t look natural. The aim of placing golf mats in your yard is that they blend in and look as natural as possible, but you will soon notice that the mats are often a much darker green than the real environment, they don’t look natural and as they mat, they tend to look a little worn.


Golf Mats Selection

Golf mats are the ideal solution if you only intend using them now and again, for example when you can’t get down to the golf course.  If you intend using it on a daily basis, you must expect the general wear and tear that cannot be avoided.

If you want a natural looking mat in your yard, then the golf mats is not for you, these are darker than normal, and so you can see straight away that they are not the real deal.

The ability to practice for longer without feeling too much strain on your joints is a huge advantage which is offered by the golf practice mats, as they have no shock or vibration enabling you to get a few hours practice before heading off to the course with your friends the next day.


If you’re looking for a bit of fun with the family in the yard, these may be the ideal choice when you don’t mind if they get worn or matted, if you just want to get some basic swing time in without worrying how fast the ball travels. Remember the synthetic golf practice mats are ideal for longer shots, while the nylon is better when practicing your shorter game.