Golf Packing Tips

The idea of learning how to pack a golf travel bag may sound strange, but if you were going on holiday you wouldn’t just throw everything into your suitcase and thing job done would you? Nope, you would pack your clothes tidily and perhaps use them to pad around your valuables to protect them – and some of you would even go as far as buying storage bags for your clothes!

Well. Golf is no different. The last thing you want is to open your bag to find a broken club. Golf equipment can be very expensive and as if breaking something is heartbreaking enough, replacing a club could prove difficult if you own a distinctive set. So, packing your golf travel bag is important and could avoid nasty breakages.

If your club breaks during transportation, whether after a flight or a long car trip, the reason for this is maybe because the club head has separated from the shaft. Your golf travel bag protects the shaft, but the if head is exposed and , for some reason, you have placed a heavy item on top it is likely to come apart.

For those with older equipment, it may be possible for you to turn your club upside down and place the head inside of the compartment. On the other hand, many of today’s bags are much more narrow, and oversize club heads cannot fit at all.

A good strategy when packing your clubs is to group all of them as closely together as possible thus providing little movement between each stick. Maybe you could place all of the shafts into one section of your travel bag. This could work just fine. For irons and putters, a cloth or a thick item of clothing could reduce movement and scratches.

A good method is to use socks as the elastic holds all  the clubs together easily and comfortably. For your driver, sit it in the middle of the pack so all your clubs are tightly insulated and secure.

Once all your clubs are together and fit tidily, compact and secure a rain proof cloth can prevent moisture or leaking liquids from damaging your equipment. It all helps, believe me!

For even more padding to the club heads, a pillow or a rolled up towel will keep them elevated and in the correct position as if they were out of your golf travel bag.

Here are some other golf packing tips from Mark Crossfield

We hope we have given you some handy little tips to avoid damage to your equipment.

Happy golfing!