DIY backyard putting green

DIY Backyard Putting Green = Backyard Fun!

Tour Links 12'x12' Indoor/Outdoor Putting GreenThe first thing you want to consider when planning your DIY backyard putting green is your overall landscape design. If you have a number of hills and bumps then you have your work cut out for you.

This is not to imply that a backyard putting green is out of the question, you”re simply going to have to rearrange some terrain to get things organized for the project. is the source for all of the latest innovative golf products & golf equipment.

Next comes your choice of materials. Do you want a natural grass backyard putting green that grows naturally? How about artificial turf? Are you planning to use your putting green inside and out? The materials you’ll use are dependent on just what you want to do.

I like to keep things simple. Instead of trying to work out my own design for my backyard, I decided to go with a professional company. The company that I chose offered a synthetic backyard putting green that can be used indoors and outdoors. The well-made material is ideal for both environments.

TurfTile 32 Piece Practice GreenThe company also implemented a design that is pretty similar to a real golf course. I was amazed as soon as I initially stepped on my backyard putting green. I felt as if I had just walked onto the green at my favorite golf course. Even though the fabric is artificial, it feels exactly like actual grass.

My backyard putting green has helped me to really improve my golf game. I also love the thought of playing a little golf following a long day at the office. This backyard feature is way more useful than a swimming pool or hot tub, in my opinion.

Advantages of putting greens are clear. Your ordinary yard is transformed into a place to gather and have fun while practicing your game. No matter what size yard or kind of landscape you have, you’ll be able to find a design to fit nicely. A high quality backyard putting green will add to your home’s resale value and the maintenance is nearly nothing.

There’s not always time to get to the golf course and your putting green will help you to keep your game tuned up no matter how busy you are at work or home.

The allure of a backyard putting green becomes clear after it is installed. Don’t be surprised if neighborhood golfers find excuses to come by and chat and give the green a “road test”.

Think about how versatile a putting green can be. From morning until night, it only takes a few minutes to take advantage of a backyard putting green. Step outside after breakfast and practice that putt. Have golfing buddies over and include some putting practice as part of the entertainment.

Finally, consider how a putting green can help families practice putting together and pass on a love of golf from parents to children.

The putting portion of the game is vital to your final score, and if played badly it is a way to quickly rack up points that reflect poorly on a game that was otherwise well-played. To practice putting, you can set up a simply step out to your backyard.

Is it Worth Installing a Home Putting Green

As long as your portable putting green is big enough to work effectively then it should be worth the money. If you use the same putter that you use on the golf course, you will find that your skill improves immensely through practice.

Putting is definitely one of the most nerve-wracking and challenging parts of the game, but practicing on your backyard putting green will give you much more confidence. You can buy these pre-made, or you can build a custom putting green.