Choosing Your Golf Club Driver

Whatever your standard of golf, the choice of golf club driver is very important.It is one of the most important of your golf clubs. This is because it is often the one that you will us to tee off. That first strike can make the difference between winning a hole and being the also ran in golf. You can either look impressive on a golf course with a long, hard hit or miss the fairway altogether, or even end up out of bounds with a lost ball.

Practice Makes Perfect. The ambition of everyone who plays golf is to hit the golf ball straight and long every time. To achieve this there are two main factors. One is that you practice regularly so that your swing becomes even, regular and accurate. The other is that you choose the right golf driver for you and your game. The achievement of hitting that first ball is very much down to each golfer. It requires lots of practice.

The mastering of the golf swing can make your golf driver your best friend or your worst enemy. It is the difference between enjoying the game and losing your temper. With practice you can achieve a steady rhythm and then you can choose a good golf driver.

A driver that suit’s a novice is different to one that suits a low handicapper. This is because the novice is still trying to come to terms with the swing and other aspects of the game, whereas a low handicapper has at least mastered a consistent swing. It is because of the many levels of players that there are many different driver clubs. A driver club has a shaft, a club head and what is known as a loft.

The Shaft.

This is the part that goes from the head to the handle. The shaft can very in length to suit players of different height and strength. It can also vary in its composition. Shafts made of steel or graphite will suit a vast majority of players very well, although titanium ones that are more expensive can prove to be effective as well.

The Loft

The loft can be different too to allow for the varied ways in which golfers swing and their individual approach to the golf ball. The degree of loft for an accomplished player would be between nine and ten degrees. However for a novice golfer it would be best to be ten or even higher. The club head.

The size of the head varies too with different “sweet” spots (i.e. the point at which the golf head strikes the ball). Less experienced golfers need a larger area of contact while more experienced golfers prefer a smaller area of contact. More experienced golfers tend to have more expensive club heads made of titanium. It is also important not to neglect your other golf clubs too. The irons play an important supporting role and you also need to choose them wisely.

Some people choose a set of irons while others choose different irons that they think will serve them well and achieve the best result when playing golf. Your choice of golf club driver is imperative. It can make a very big impact on your game. With the right driver you could lower your handicap while with the wrong club you could get immensely frustrated and rue the purchase of that club. It can make the difference between enjoying your game and hating it, so choose wisely, after all you don’t want to end up with something like this ….