Putting Training Aids for Home

Best Putting Training Aids for Home

The problem today with a lot of golf putting drills is that even after spending many hours – either on the practice putting green at your local golf course or on your own home practice putting green – they rarely provide the golfer with any clear direction to their putting practice.

Putting is both an art and a science. You should be learning and developing your golf putting game skills from people whose methods have a proven track record.

Rather than opting for quantity in terms of your time spent on the practice putting green at your local golf course or home practice putting green, why not plump for quality instead with some of the best Putting Training Aids for your Home?

When the flat stick is your friend you can always be competitive. With little or no confidence in your putting stroke there is absolutely no chance that your handicap will ever come down in the longer term.

The three-putt is perhaps the most dreaded and embarrassing shot in golf. Even the professional golfers are known to throw a club when they three-putt. Whilst putting is easily 40-50% of their total score, most golfers spend more time on the driving range pounding ball after ball than on the indoor practice putting green.

Did you know you can start putting like a golf professional, using just a few
selected putting training aids along with the correct steps and helpful techniques?

There are plenty of step-by-step golf putting courses online right now that can demonstrate how to start putting like the professionals. But until you’ve tried one of these golf putting training aids for yourself you will never learn what a good putting stroke should feel like.

Here’s just a small selection of some of the golf putting training aids currently on the market which you can either use on the practice putting green at your home course or on your own indoor practice putting green – or golf putting mats – if you’re restricted for space at home.

Discover how you can save hundreds of hours and huge amounts of cash
on expensive golf lessons and putt like a professional in no time.

The Trueplane Putting Training Aid

Trueplane enables you to practice the same stroke and in the same way as many of the worlds top players. As the pros have found, using Trueplane can lead to amazing success and a winning game.

According to the manufacturers this is a truly pioneering and innovative product that provides a great way to achieve better putting and lower scores. It very quickly became extremely popular with touring professionals and their coaches and was the first inside-to-inside putting stroke trainer to be widely used on tour.

Trueplane is now firmly established as one of the best and most popular training devices on tour and has been used by more than 200 tour pros for over 150 tour wins including six Major Championships.

Image of the Truplane in use on the practice putting green

TruePlane Golf Putting Aids


To use Trueplane, simply slide the heel of the putter along the guide following the red line. This automatically results in the ideal inside-to-inside and on-plane putter path. The Trueplane guide is at an angle (rather than being vertical) as this is the most natural way to swing the putter. This gives the slightly inside-to-inside stroke used by nearly all tour players.

There are two alternative ways to ensure the correct putter alignment.

1. Use the lines on the base ribs. The lines on the base ribs show the correct angle of the putter face at different points in the stroke. Lining up the putter face with the center line makes sure that the putter is always aimed correctly. The other lines show the perfect neutral positions in the back swing and the follow through.

2. Use the guide rod. Clip the guide rod onto the putter shaft and then keep both the guide rod and the heel of the putter in contact with Trueplane during the stroke. This automatically ensures perfect putter alignment throughout the stroke.


Image of TruePlan Putting Training Aids

TruePlane Putting Sequence


As well as giving the perfect putter path and putter face alignment, Trueplane also promotes a pure strike and roll on the putts. With Trueplane, the putter always returns at impact to the same position as at address and so all putts are hit out of the sweet spot of the putter. The putter also travels along the target line at impact giving a pure roll with no sidespin.

Trueplane also helps rhythm and consistency. A number of tour pros have commented that the sound of the putter sliding along Trueplane provides great feedback on the rhythm of the stroke. Practicing the same stroke all the time improves consistency.

Trueplane can be used indoors or outdoors and the rubber pads on the base give excellent grip on your home practice putting green installation, carpet or artificial turf. It is great for honing your golf putting drills at home.



Uniputt provides a quick and simple way to eliminate wrist movement from the putting stroke. This simplifies the stroke and makes it more solid and consistent. Eliminating wrist movement is an important part of the ideal pendulum stroke used by professional golfers and recommended by coaches.

Uniputt provides immediate feedback enabling you to improve your putting in minutes.

* Eliminates wrist movement for a solid pendulum stroke
* Extremely lightweight design
* Suitable for all golfers
* Ideal for your home practice putting green
* Already used by more than 130 tour pros

How Does It Work?

Hinging the wrists makes it difficult to control the speed, angle and direction of the putter head, and is one of the main causes of missed short putts. Uniputt eliminates wrist movement and encourages the ideal pendulum stroke used by pros and recommended by coaches resulting in:

* Improved directional accuracy
* Better distance control
* Greater consistency

Uniputt can also be used for chipping. Chipping with passive wrists can be a very effective way of playing short chip and run shots.
Just use Uniputt in the same way as for putting.


RedEye Laser Putters

The interchangeable cartridges featured with the RedEye allow you to practice either on the practice putting green at your local course or on your own home putting green. When you’re ready to go out and play simply remove the laser cartridge and swap it out for the conforming player cartridge.

These aids have been created to help you master the secret to shooting lower golf scores – taking less putts! With an on-board laser guidance system, the RedEye is the most accurate putter ever designed to practice and play with.

The RedEye Putter features a Laser Cartridge that emits a laser line on the surface to show you EXACTLY where your putter is aimed. The RedEye automatically guides your set-up and eye line with a flawless straight line. No matter your personal putting style, handicap or experience – the RedEye delivers perfect aim the first time – every time – guaranteed!

The RedEye Laser Putter features two powerful technologies. Use the on-board laser during practice and warm ups to automatically burn perfect aim into your muscle memory. Then, with a quick conversion for competitive play, you can put the consistent feel of the RedEye’s percussion mass weighting, two-inch wide sweet spot and face balanced design to work to help turn three putts into one putts, make more pars and birdies and improve your putting game for life.

Main Features & Benefits:

* Majority of the weight behind the center of the face of the putter creates enlarged sweet spot almost two-inches wide.
* Percussion Mass Weighting – off-center hits still roll with the same velocity as center hits.
* Face Balanced Design: Perfectly balanced face with a smooth-milled flat face without burrs and ridges that can push the ball off the intended line.
* Ultimate Laser accuracy – Electronic Smart Target designed to ensure perfect alignment when putting on your home putting green or on the practice putting green.

The Path Finder From Yes Golf

Path Finder is based on the same basic principals which have made the putting guide so well received; this training device adapts to the individual, it’s easy to use and it provides rapid results.

Path Finder is one of those all-around golf putting aids that helps you find a better putting stroke, better ball impact and better alignment. Underneath the device are magnets to keep the six removable pins in place. These pins can be individually adjusted to the golfer’s skills and what kind of putter is being used.

The putter should be swung smoothly between the pins. If the golfer hits one of the pins it makes a clear sound and the pin bends, then immediately rises again. The more the golfer improves, the tighter he can set the pins so that the space between the putter and the pins decreases. Path Finder can be attached to an outside practice putting green with a tee and then adjusted towards a hole.