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Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Choosing the best golf balls for seniors requires a different approach due to the different characteristics of senior players.

Golf is one of the most practiced sport activities by senior citizens, for good reason, however the way you play golf as you get older might be very different then how you used to play in your younger days.

The aim is to make the gameplay easier and more convenient for you and therefore choosing the right equipment will help you achieve this.

We have chosen 6 models of balls which in our opinion are ideal for seniors. Let’s take a look at these below;

  1. Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls (Best Overall) 
  2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (Lowest compression)
  3. Bridgestone E5 High Flight (Cheapest)
  4. Noodle Plus Easy Distance Balls (Best for Slow Swing Speed)
  5. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls (Runner-up Overall performer)
  6. TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls (The Best Senior Golf Balls for Game Improvement)

Now, when choosing which golf ball is best for seniors, it is essential to get one which is light enough to travel the distance needed. As one grows older, the swing strength and precision start to get effected and therefore choosing a ball designed for lower swing speeds will be ideal.

Getting that extra distance on your shot however is not be the only consideration a senior golfer might be looking for. Another aspect to consider is the ball spin. Therefore balls that are lighter and give that extra spin will definitely be the best choice for seniors. This way they get the benefit of distance and precision.

Best Golf Balls for Seniors – Review

In the following section we’re going to take a good look at the best golf balls for seniors according to our experts. If you’d like to understand what factors we took into consideration to make our selection you’ll find a detailed explanation in the second part of this article below.

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls (Best Overall)

Titliest is one of the best golf brands around and you’re sure to find a golf ball to suit your proficiency level within their range of different models.

For senior golf players, the DT Trusoft golf balls are probably the best choice overall since they deliver a good mix of all the features we mentioned above.

DT Trusoft balls are ideal if you’re after longer distance on your shots since they also have a soft feel which makes them lighter. They also contain a solid core that helps deliver speed on every shot.

So this is the brand and make to go for if you’re looking for the longest golf balls for seniors and thankfully, this lightness does not come at the expense of ball control.

Even though they’re light, the design of these balls, with dimples on the surface allows for better control and responsiveness which therefore make it ideal for all type of senior golfers, whatever their skill level.

Definitely one of the most popular golf balls with senior golfers, thanks to its great all round performance, the Titleist DT Trusoft goes at the top of our list as the best golf ball for seniors.

• Delivers great speed thanks to its solid core
• Highly engineered outer design with 376 tetrahedral dimples for better ground control
• Very responsive
• Fantastic short game performance

• Not the best ball for accuracy. Other balls featured in this post can deliver better performance in this regard.


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Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (Lowest compression)

The name says it all. This golf ball is one of the softest you’ll find on the market, which means that you’re guaranteed a long, straight delivery on every hit.

The low compression and spin capacity of the ball ensures better distance even on the ground.

In fact, this low compression (only 35 compression points) is what makes the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, well, super soft!

Let me explain why.

The lower the compression core of the ball, the greater the speed it will allow for. So, even with a less swing speed the ball will travel faster and for a longer distance.

Add to this the fact that it spins less than the average golf ball, then you can hit a long straight shot with minimum effort. Whether it goes where you want it to will then depend on your accuracy!

• Ideal for the more skilled senior golfers that appreciate a responsive, accurate ball
• Covers more distance thanks to its soft core
• The lower spin on the ball can make it a good choice even for beginners since the ball will not swerve as much while in the air.

• The lower spin might not be desirable for the more experienced senior golfers


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Bridgestone E5 High Flight (Cheapest)

This is another popular choice for senior golfers thanks to the various benefits it offers.

The best feature is the lifts it delivers which are constant on every hit. This is possible because of its outer design with a double dimple pattern.

So, once its in the air, the Bridgestone E5 High Flight will fly high and far.

Performance of the ball on the ground is also extremely good and if you don’t make the hit it will be difficult to blame it on this ball.

• Design of the ball allows for extra distance covered and longer time in the air.
• Less expensive than the other models in this review
• Equally good on the ground as it is in the air

• May be difficult to handle for beginners since higher and longer distance covered by this ball will require a more skilled approach when taking the shot.


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Noodle Plus Easy Distance Balls (Best for Slow Swing Speed)

This ball is made from plastic and rubber and delivers sensible speed with minimal effort. This makes it ideal for senior golfers with a slower and lighter swing.

So, if your swing is not as strong anymore then the Noodle Plus will give you a hand and accelerate the shot.

This Taylormade branded ball is quite soft and delivers a satisfactory performance on the ground also.

• This ball is ideal for seniors, women golfers and also younger players who are just starting out and have not mastered their swing strength yet.
• The outer cover is made of iothane which is soft to the touch however very durable on the inside.

• Not many negative points for this ball if it’s being considered for beginners. Probably if we had to find one it would be the quantity options, since it basically comes only in one pack of 12 balls.


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Srixon AD333 Golf Balls (Runner-up for Overall performance)


We have included the Srixon AD333 because it delivers an all round performance similar to the Titleist, which therefore makes it a good choice for Seniors.

Now this is one of the more expensive balls on the market, however thanks to its durability, these balls will serve you for quite a while so economically it might make sense to go for this model.

• Designed to deliver lower drag.
• Longer flight time thanks to thin material cover
• Aerodynamic design allows for more accurate cuts while in the air.

• More expensive then the other alternatives reviewed here. Better suited for regular senior golfers


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TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls (The Best Senior Golf Balls for Game Improvement)

The TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls have a two-piece design with 342 dimples. This, in combination with a 60 compression value will help you achieve the performance you desire and actually improve.

• Highly durable.
• Good spin control.
• Optimal distance and speed.

• This might seem weird, but we hate the sound the ball makes at impact.


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What to look for when picking the best golf balls for seniors

So, we have seen the reviews of the 6 golf balls that we have chosen, however I think it makes sense to explain what factors we have taken into consideration when making our choice.

Golf Ball Material

There are 2 golf ball materials you should be looking for , that is, suryn and urethane.
Suryn balls are firmer compared the urethane onces which means they allow for less spin and as a consequence, more control.

In other words you should achieve a straight flight when you hit the ball, however this comes at the expense lower ball height.

Urethane golf balls on the other hand are softer and therefore allow for longer distances with minimum effort, which is ideal for senior golfers with slower swing speeds. The downside is that they also come with more spin and therefore this means, less control.

Construction Design

Double layered construction design is the ideal choice for senior golfers since they often have a slower swing.


Well, double layered balls combine sturdiness with greater distance. Plus they are more affordable.
Triple layered design will give you more spin however at the expense of longer distance.

double layer golf balls are ideal for senior players

Golf Ball Dimples

The dimples are designed in golf balls in order to offset air resistance by trapping the air within the dimples and moving it along the surface. This allows for more height and distance on the shot.

Dimples, however, also determine the spin of the ball. In other words, the deeper the dimples, the better the spin. Senior golfers would maybe prefer less back spin in order to get more distance on the hit.

Ball Compression

Golf balls come with compression measurements between 0 to 200.

Low compression means that the ball will deform more when the club hits it and consequently result in further distance in the air which makes it ideal if your swing is less powerful.

High compression balls will require a stronger swing and hit to get the same distance in the air.

high compression balls are best for senior golfers

What Senior Golfers should Consider when Choosing a Golf Ball

In our opinion these are the fundamental aspects to take into consideration when picking the ideal golf balls for seniors:

• First off, decide on your budget. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will narrow down the options since there is quite a variation in price range when it comes to golf balls.

• How skilled are you as a golfer. Even though we are choosing a suitable golf ball for seniors, you still need to consider the type of golfer and the level of skill. Golf balls are designed to suit different types of golfers.

• How’s your swing speed. As mentioned above, with age many golfers find that their swing speed starts slowing down. It’s therefore important to choose a ball that works well with your average swing speed.

• Distance vs Control. If you’re just looking to increase your distance then all you need is a lighter ball. However, will this affect your shot control. Both these aspects have to be considered and a suitable balance between the two will keep you satisfied with your game.

• The handicap of the senior golfer should also be taken into consideration.

• In general a senior golfer will more likely do well with a golf ball that has lower compression to improve the distance achieved from a slow swing.

• Golf ball material can be important if you’re a regular golfer. If you play very often then you should go for balls that have a hardcover since these are more durable. The downside of these would be that while they roll better on the ground, you would be sacrificing less spin when compared to soft cover balls. So, how important is the spin for your game?

Technology in the golf industry has improved considerably and nowadays you can find the right golf equipment suited specifically for the type of golf player you are.

Playing Golf as a senior player has never been more comfortable.


The Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls have taken our number one spot as best golf balls for seniors since they can give the greatest all-round feature combination to allow senior golfers to continue playing their game at satisfactory levels.

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