Top 5 Luckiest Golf Shots

Even the professionals can hit bad shots every once in a while, as was the case for Spaniard Sergio Garcia when he managed to get his ball stuck up a tree on the 10th hole at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Garcia miraculously got himself out of trouble with a one-handed backwards shot, managing to get the ball back on the fairway with one impressive shot. He also managed to jump down from the tree unscathed, completing an impressive period of play that has inspired me to look at some of the luckiest and most amusing golf shots played in recent years.

5. Sergio Garcia


4. Pablo Martin

Martin’s hooked shot appeared to be heading for the water, but instead he took advantage of his surroundings, fortuitously using the bridge to keep his shot out of the water. Martin definitely had luck on his side as he went on to retain the Alfred Dunhill title by one shot.

3. Graham McDowell

Northern Irishman Graham McDowell hit an extremely luck shot in Abu Dhabi last year when he managed to set himself up for an easy putt by bouncing his shot off the backboard underneath the grandstand and back onto the green. The shot lead to a birdie for the Ulsterman but I doubt he could repeat it if he tried!

2. Darren Clarke

Darren Clarke could thank the luck of the Irish for saving this shot that looked destined for the drink. The shot skips across some rocks and eventually pops back up onto the green, rather than careering off into the water.

1. James Kingston

In one of the luckiest golf shots ever made, James Kingston shanks his shot sending it heading for the trees to his left. Miraculously the ball strikes a tree, bounces onto the green and then rolls its way into the hole for an unbelievable hole in one.

Keeping your shots out of the trees, sand and water hazards that populate a golf course isn’t easy, but with a golf GPS you can improve your chances of hitting the ideal shot whatever your handicap.